Our Services

Our service is not a yellow pages of doctors and nurses, but a validated list of leaders in various disease areas. Doctors and nurses do not pay to be on our list. They are chosen by a strict set of criteria and hand selected to meet your needs. KOLComm uses over 30 criterions and analyses over 60 million pieces of data to identify the right medical expert to assist in your healthcare experience.

Let us help you find the right expert.

  • “We had a need to enhance our Key Stakeholder identification and engagement strategy. KOLComm’s professionalism, expertise and timely deliverables were pivotal in helping us achieve our business objectives.”
    J., Global Medical Affairs
    Specialty Pharmaceutical Company
  • “Recently, we were contacted by a single father who was told by his pediatrician that his 5 year old daughter had lead poisoning. The father was in between jobs and could not afford the COBRA coverage for health insurance. We worked with KOLComm to help us identify an expert in this area. As a result, we were able to uncover the source of the lead poisoning was from the client’s home. He was renting an apartment where the exterior paint of the house was lead-based. If it were not for KOLComm’s assistance in identifying an expert, we may not have uncovered the source of the lead poisoning and help my client obtain the necessary coverage for continued health care and remediate the issue.”
    S. Esq.
    Medical Malpractice Attorney
  • “One of my twin daughters was diagnosed with rare disorder and I did not know where to turn. I searched the web looking for an expert but was overwhelmed with the information. KOLComm helped me identify a pediatric expert who now oversees my daughter’s care.”
    Mother of 6-year old twins